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All of these programs were written to solve a problem that either I or my employer was having. I have found them to be generally useful and hope that you do as well. They are all licensed under the GPL. That means that I give them away for free, ensure that they remain free but retain copyright. Email me for the source code.


Jindex is a TCL script that I wrote to process images from a digital camera. I wanted to put lots of pictures on the web with a minimum of effort. Normally this involves downloading the images to my system, tweaking them in photoshop, making several different sizes, making an HTML index page & uploading them to the web server. This can take as little as 20 minutes for just a few images or several hours for many images. Being a nerd I figured that I would just whip up a little script to automate the whole process. Jindex is the result. It will take a directory of images, make a thumbnail, a medium size and a large image, add colored borders, sharpen the images, make an HTML index page with height & width tags, make a web page for the medium image (with credits & room for a caption) and embed a copyright into the images. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes on my PII 350 for 50+ images. It relies on ImageMagick (which is also free and available for almost every operating system) to do the image processing. Jindex was designed and is used on a Linux based system but should work on any OS with little or no changes. Make sure to read the readme.txt file.

Jindex.tar For all you Unix nuts.
Jindex.zip For all you even weirder Windows nuts.

Net Test

Net Test is an application used to check throughput on a network, It is very self explanatory and easy to use. It is fairly accurate and can be quite useful to a network admin. I wrote it because we were having network speed issues on a new NT based server. It turned out that the Intel NIC had all sorts of weird buffer defaults. This app allowed us the troubleshoot the problem and find the right settings. The are other, more robust, network throughput testers but they are much more difficult to set up and run. This app only requires a filename and destination and a single click on the "Go" button. If you are having network speed or throughput issues this app will help.

NetTest.zip Only for Windows 9x/NT.


I had inherited an Access table containing some important data. I was to lazy to move it to a real RDBMS. One day I forgot the password for the table. Bummer. Once again my geekiness would not allow me to look around for a commercial password recovery tool, I had to make my own. Here is the result. OpenAccess will recover the full password from Microsoft Access tables. It is easy to use, fast and free. Works only on MS Windows systems but the source is available and it would be child's play to port.

OpenAcc.zip Only for Windows 9x/NT.


Sometimes users will set a screen saver password on their machines even after you tell them a billion times not to. Invariably you will need access to their machine, they won't be there and the screen saver will be running. In the good 'ol days you could just hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and shut down the screen saver. Some bored Microsoft engineer decided to close that loophole a few versions ago. Now you have to reset the machine without shutting it down properly, which can cause damage. I wrote this little app to shut down the screen saver giving me access to the machine without having to reboot or know the password. It requires auto-insert notification be active on the CD-ROM drive. Just unzip it, burn the files off to a blank CD and have fun. To use it just insert the CD into the drive, it will autorun the app and the screen saver will disappear. Sometimes the password dialog has to be on screen.

KillSvr.zip Only for Windows 9x/NT.

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