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My best buddy, Ethan.

On August the 14th, 1999 Ethan, a Norwegian Lundehund, came to live with us. He rapidly became a wonderful companion and a treasured friend. Lundehunds are like no other breed. They are friendly but shy, quirky and somewhat wild. As they have a high degree of intellegence, they can be difficult to train. Ethan will question everything I ask of him. If he can see what is in it for him, he will do what I ask. Ethan HAS to be involved in everything I do.Ethan playing with a stick. He is like a little fox shaped shadow that follows me everywhere. No matter what I am doing there is always a cold Lundie nose bumping into my hand or wrist as Ethan tries to get right in to the action. Ethan is our watchdog and a constant source of joy. Our lives would be very different without him.


Ethan as a puppy


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